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January 10, 2014

Checking In.

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Hello everyone.

I’m still around. Sorry for the lack of updates.

I’m toying with the notion of changing the format of this site to a more current looking website and digging up more content for it.

I’ve got a ton of flyers from 1992 to 1998 or so that I need to scan and get up on here.

As always, if you have any great old flyers, ads, demos, photos of anything Buffalo HC related, please send them my way:

larryransom at gmail dot com

In other news… The old River Rock Cafe was up for auction. Does anyone know who bought it?



June 23, 2011

Vinyl Gallery Updated.

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I just updated the vinyl gallery page with the Zero Tolerance Fuel The Fire European pressing on clear vinyl. Enjoy.

June 14, 2011

Zero Tolerance “Fuel The Fire” European Pressing Now Available.

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The Essence in collaboration with Reaper Records has released a limited edition version of Zero Tolerance’s “Fuel The Fire Cassette” on a 7″. This version features:

– Exclusive alternative artwork.
– Pressed on clear vinyl.
– Stamped and numbered.

Also included with each package is a photo print of Zero Tolerance taken by Buffalo’s own Geoffrey Nicholson.


“Zero Tolerance is the essence of Buffalo HC. Growing up they gave me a clear vision of what real HC was all about. One of the most underrated bands ever. This is the truth. This is the band I saw and knew HC was something I would forever be part of. The energy and substance is undeniably. Do your research kid and face the panic.”
-Scott Vogel

August 31, 2010

Scott Vogel Featured on Double Cross Webzine.

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Tim and Gordo over at Double Cross Webzine have posted up part one of what will probably turn out to be an epic interview with Buffalo HC legend, Scott Vogel. CLICK HERE to read about Scott’s beginnings in the hardcore scene in Buffalo.

EDIT: Part two of the interview has been posted. CLICK HERE to read it.

July 2, 2010

Snapcase 7″ On Blue Vinyl.

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The super rare Snapcase “Self Titled” 7″ on blue vinyl (only 51 pressed) was recently on eBay and sold for $89.00!!! I placed a few bids to try to scoop up this rare Buffalo wax but I was outbid in the last few seconds. Damn!

Three More “Buffalo Style” Podcasts.

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Bill Page is back with three more episode of his “Buffalo Style podcast. Tune in and check out songs from Devil’s Advocate, Union, Fists of Fury, Cinderblock, Plagued With Rage, Skate Korpse, The Control, Fadeaway, Mental Wreck, Lariat, Born Low, Serpents Of Shiva, Revenge, Discontent, Zero Tolerance, Strongballs, Resist Control, Iron Rain, Mentally Vexed, Disengage, No Goal, Sirhan, I.N.D., Redline, Threshold, Slugfest, Plaguebearer and more.

CLICK HERE to check out the podcasts.

Great job Bill!

June 10, 2010

Vinyl Gallery Update.

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Just scanned in the Against All Hope “Breaking Through” 7″ with the yellow sleeve and added it to the vinyl gallery. I’ve had this version of the record for a couple of years now but just noticed I never added it to the galley. Who’s got a test press for this record?

June 6, 2010

Vinyl Gallery Updated.

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Just updated the vinyl gallery page with the Zero Tolerance “Fuel The Fire” test press and regular black vinyl. Enjoy.

Three posts in one day! I’m crazy!

“Buffalo Style” Podcast.

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Legendary Buffalo ‘cormen Bill Page has just published his first “Buffalo Style” podcast. Bill plays lots of rare and great older Buffalo Hardcore such as Zero Tolerance, Against All Hope, Slugfest and tons more. Well worth checking out and Bill did a great job.

CLICK HERE to listen and download episode 1 of “Buffalo Style.”

Zero Tolerance “Fuel The Fire” Cassette Released On Vinyl.

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If history is written by the victorious, then it’s time the tale was told of how Buffalo Hardcore came to have its sound, style and substance. When the masses think of hardcore from Buffalo, the obvious names reoccur. What has never been documented properly is the giant who owns the shoulder they were standing on: the monicker of that occulted beast is ZERO TOLERANCE.

For those in the vicinity of Buffalo in the late 80s/early 90s, Zero Tolerance shows were THE event; the locals that could pull their weight amongst the nationals; the reason you showed up early. Erupting from the chrysalis that was their former band New Balance was a new creature—more furious, more intense, laser focused and precise. Specializing in laconic intros, tight musicianship, an intense stage presence and spiritual lyrics, ZT had the complete package to take on the world at large. The groups recognition and impeccable street cred led them to play shows all over the east coast with some of the bands that influenced them the most, from the Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All and Killing Time to a full US tour with Shelter. These tours gave the burgeoning 90s hardcore scene a glimpse of Buffalo intensity and restrained madness.

The rumors of a signing with In Effect would die with In Effect, and any attempts at chaining the monster to a full length release would remain futile. Unfortunately, the fury and turmoil that gave birth to the sound was ultimately its demise. And with all transient things, we were all left wanting more. In the year of our Lord 2010, Reaper Records is proud to unveil, for the first time on wax, a document of a long lost classic previously only available on tape. Please accept this offering and place it in its proper place among the other giants of that era. If you’ve been waiting for the last two decades as we have, this is for you. If this is your first taste of ZT, you’re welcome.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Reaper Records.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER Zero Tolerance t-shirts.

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